In recent years Urgel Ganadera S.A. has implemented appropriate health control techniques due to a growing consumer demand for greater transparency and traceability controls at every stage of the production process. For example, a cutting-edge machinery for slaughtering has been installed to this end.
Additionally, it is important to emphasize that Urgel Ganadera, S.A. undertakes bacteriological control daily and for the slaughter of all birds entering the slaughterhouse. First it carries out a prior inspection (this step is to ensure that the animal to be slaughtered has been seen by the veterinarian and presents no pathology and that all suppression steps have been taken). This control is currently undertaken by an accredited laboratory owned by COPAGA, SDA. COOP. whose facilities are located in Lleida. The report from this lab is attached to the slaughter documentation and is available to both the distributor and the consumer. Furthermore, this control is attached to the one undertaken by the official veterinary services. Health control results are monthly sent to the labs of the Centre de "Sanitat Avícola de Catalunya i Aragó (CESAC)" for verification.

A minimum of manipulation by slaughterhouse personnel, who supervise operational control, has been achieved in the poultry slaughtering process.

In the packaging rooms the product is classified by weight, type of package and special labeling. This task is undertaken by personnel that the company has trained to ensure the final product has the highest level of quality. Lastly the slaughtered birds are stored in temperature controlled chambers awaiting shipment to the final consumer. Urgel Ganadera, S.A. currently has a fleet of refrigerated trucks delivering throughout Spain with full quality assurance. At present it is also marketing their products at the international level.

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